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NAPFA Nation is a monthly podcast bringing you inspiring conversations and key insights from leaders in the Fee-Only financial planning profession.

Join Marie Swift, Founder and CEO of Impact Communications, as she interviews a variety of NAPFA members and professionals.

NAPFA Nation Episode #12: Intentional Visibility: Benefits of an Inclusive Workplace Culture with Dana Wilson

In Episode #12 of NAPFA Nation, Dana Wilson, CEO of CHIP (Changing How Individuals Prosper) talks with podcast host Marie Swift about the benefits of building an inclusive workplace culture. CHIP is a B2B financial services marketplace that makes finding financial professionals of color easy. In this lively episode, they discuss the importance of cross mentorship and situational mentorship, emphasizing that mentorship doesn't always have to be formal. The conversation shifts to CHIP’s partnership with NAPFA and their shared mission of supporting underrepresented professionals in the financial industry. They envision a future where diversity is embraced, wealth gaps are closed, and individuals feel empowered to define wealth on their own terms.

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